Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

Declaration of solidarity with the student protests in the UK

The global economic market is currently being plagued by massive deficits. Due to the crisis capitalistic impertinences that exist anyways are increased in number and degree. In the field of education, this is manifested in the form of attacks on students by means of study fees and an increase of workload, which came to Germany with the adoption of the Bachelor/Master system. World wide study fees block our way to an egalitarian education. Although a capitalistic educational system without study fees is thinkable, the demand for their abolition is a part of the fight for a change of the economic and social conditions.

This fight is also being fought by students in the UK, Ireland and Italy. The conflict has been started by the ruling class with an increase of study fees which has been adequately responded to through a wide range of forms of action. We explicitly declare our solidarity also with those who practice more militant forms of resistance, such as the partial destruction of the headquarters of the Conservative Party in London. Some more "moderate“ individuals within the Student Union distance themselves from militant protest and bet on peaceful dialog instead. What they fail to see is that in this dialog they are not seen as peers but rather as petitioners and that what counts aren't the better arguments but economic interests. The goal of a sustainable campaign can not be an appeal to the ruling class, which has neither the will nor the means to fundamentally change the existing conditions. The goal should be to achieve this through self-organisation.

Study-fees block the way to education for those who can't afford them due to their social situation! But education is everybody's right! Our first demand goes towards the abolition of study fees, the democartisation of higher education and with that the expansion of the students' means of participation. Our additional demands take into account that a university is not isolated from economic and social necessities. Therefore we aim to attack those conditions that make every relation between humans one in the form of goods! In a system, that doesn't serve humanity but profit, education doesn't play the role of human development but rather that of positioning on the labour market. We stand against these conditions! From the awareness of the social role of educational struggles, the connection to other social struggles world wide follows.


Kritik&Aktion. Student Group belonging to the undogmatic left at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, active at and beyond campus

Libertäre Studierende: linkes Wahlbündnis. A union of several leftist groups at the Heinrich-Heine University.

Antifaschistische Jugend Düsseldorf. Youth Group from Düsseldorf active in the fields of antifascism, antimilitarism and anticapitalism.

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